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Just about everybody who has been using the Internet has posted something they later regret. Unlike analog evidence that can be destroyed offline, what’s online is more or less permanent. A permanent public record can be exploited by enemies and rivals who would smear your good reputation, or destroy your career. is a lawyer-backed, reputation management firm that specializes in search engine hygiene. We clean up the negative publicity, replacing it with search engine optimized (SEO) positive press instead. In addition, as a lawyer-supported service provider, we have the unique ability to address legal issues and take action as needed, within the limits of legal and ethical boundaries.

Reputation management is a relatively new industry that is driven by necessity. While a targeted, systematic campaign is often required for a business to attain placement in the top five search results on such engines as Google, a similarly targeted and intensive effort is necessary to overcome such placement of adverse information. takes an all-inclusive approach to accentuating the positives, including press releases as well as content creation and management to restore your reputation, actually bringing your brand back stronger than ever before.

In this tough economy, employers are being more selective before hiring new employees. They are utilizing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the search engine Google to investigate the reputation of prospective staffer as part of the normal vetting process.

Facebook and other social sites are known to be laid back, and they’re a place where members let their virtual hair down. People have been known to give specific details about their sex lives, their drug and alcohol histories and air their interpersonal disputes as a part of the daily fabric of these sites.

A look back at all of your posts at public websites is probably not a pretty sight. Online reputation management can remove any history that makes you look abusive, reckless or worse to prospective employers.

You may believe that your conduct as a businessperson has been sterling, but not all of your customers may agree with this. Your reputation and your business could be destroyed in minutes due to the proliferation of gripe and online review sites. Ex-employees, dissatisfied customers, rivals and competitors have been known to post bogus review at these sites to smear the reputation of companies for the purpose of revenge — or to gain an upper hand in business.

Not everybody who chooses online reputation management does so for business purposes. When people date, it’s normal and expected for a new dating partner to “Google” the other person to see what comes up. An embarrassing personal history that’s very public could easily put the kibosh on the new relationship. Those who wish to enter politics and other areas of public life are advised to clean up their online history by using online reputation management services. There’s nothing like years of work building a coalition and a positive reputation — only to see it dashed in hours by a scandalous picture or an embarrassing quote from years ago

Professional SEO staff at online reputation management companies can help repair your reputation from these reports, and salvage your online reputation. Prospective customers are known to visit review sites, making vigilant online reputation an important service for your business.

When your company falls victim to an online smear campaign spearheaded by a competing firm, can repair the damages before they affect your financial bottom line. Derogatory statements in blogs that name your business can come up in searches when customers are simply looking for your website address. False complaints that competitors may post against your business will make potential clients think twice before doing business with you, especially if they are considering placing online orders. We to work right away with a virtual scrub brush, countering false claims with positive truths that, when carefully placed in strategic URLs by our reputation repair team of experts, help you reclaim your hard-earned brand and market share. If your business or personal reputation has been compromised, time is of the essence. Every minute you wait means another opportunity for defamatory information to spread. Contact our clean-up crew at today!

With the free exchange of information over the internet, there is no guarantee that all of that information is accurate. Just one unhappy customer posting a negative review about your business can spread that dissatisfaction exponentially across the internet in no time, without doing more than creating a single post. The very nature of the virtual world makes it possible. Search engines pick up the most recent information and post it up front where potential customers will see the entry, click on it, and comment upon it, perpetuating the vicious cycle of misinformation.

No company has a flawless customer service record, and the sheer impossibility of pleasing everyone all of the time makes the occurrence of naysayers inevitable. Just a single complaint can damage your carefully crafted, hard-earned business brand, your personal reputation, or both.

Clean up your search results: We’ll suppress inaccurate or misleading links from your top search results.
Control your content:
We’ll create the high-quality webpages that people see first when they Google you.
Protect your private data:
We’ll automatically block databases and websites from releasing your private, personal data.
Make you stand out:
We’ll establish your distinct online presence and help you stand out among others who share your name.

It’s obvious to most people that the Internet can be a friend or foe – depending on how wisely you use it. Reckless or immature people are known to create a record of embarrassing posts associated with their name, which in retrospect they often regret. Even the most responsible people have heated moments, which can result in a trail of online content that doesn’t flatter them. There’s also the possibility of unflattering things being said by ex-employees, a spurned lover, a business rival or a mere prankster.

When you learn there are things posted about you and/or your business that are unflattering, it’s very distressing. Some people respond to this by panicking or by going postal and engaging in exchange attacks. This is a mistake, because the wisest thing to do is to first keep calm. After your nerves have settled, plotting your reaction strategically is the next best step. Controlling what people say is almost impossible, but your response to their words is what really counts. Just about anything unflattering posted online can be effectively managed if you know how to take care of it.

Bad press about you is generally an issue that can be dealt with using strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means that negative information appears in high in the results using search engines. Results that are unflattering to you can be neutralized by using counter-posting against your enemies in a way that will bring the positive information about you to the fore. Here are a few online reputation management tips that every business owner should know about:

1. Have your own website for your business. Your business name inside the domain will help your traffic, helping you to occupy Google’s top 10 search results.
2. Add a sub-domain to your main site. You’ll dominate more results with your content.
3. Start a blog with your content and maintain it regularly. WordPress is one of several platforms that you can use to create your own site for free. And of course, you control the content.
4. Create a business profile at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linkedin. Profiles you create with your content will show up easily when your name is searched.
5. Share your photos. Post your picture, a graphic logo, a picture of your business, add photo captions. Voila! This gives you a profile of images that will be searchable and can overtake negative reputation results. It also makes you look more approachable and friendly.

While the first step to reputation management is prevention, online reputation management can fix problems created by you and others. Even if you can’t totally erase bad things being said about you online, it’s not so difficult to bury them in positive results that you can control.

The Internet is an amazing resource that brings people together, and it can be your friend or enemy depending on how you use it. Online reputation management can help bring closure to negative parts of your past.
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